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My only and true aim, my mission,
is to always try to improve the quality of life
by exploring and experimenting a variety of fields
with common denominators:
nature, technology, man.
I believe that, once it has passed all its feasibility testing phases, a work of art
should transfer emotions to even the most inattentive person.
For the implementation of a project
I use different materials and technology, never losing sight
of the relationship and the balance between human perceptions,
such as sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and elements
such as the colours, rhythm and time, sound, light, and shadows,
temperature and any other element necessary to achieve those powerful emotions
that each different work of art should convey.
Hundreds of hours are devoted to working with other professionals
to discuss
and exchange experiences, studies, considerations on issues
that for some people may be common
but of which many of them are unaware of their existence.
The aim is to achieve a condition of satisfaction and gratitude
towards life;
thus achieving a balance
of spiritual serenity and well-being.
I believe there are many systems
and paths you can follow
to achieve these goals.
With the experience I have gained studying and observing nature, since 1987, 
I have been using Meteora rocks and many other technologies to achieve the predetermined purpose; creating unique works.

Pietro Robortella


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Italian (Italy)English (United Kingdom)