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I have gained considerable work experience over 32 years
of work. In short, I dedicated the first 10 years to the construction
and restructuring of civil buildings with my father's company. Today I realise
just how important this basis was.
From 1987 to 1990 I dedicated passion and research simultaneously
for composite materials and for the reproduction of artificial rocks using
the GRP (Glass Resin), soft and hard polyurethane, and then moved on to GFRC
(Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) so that in 1990 I created
Meteora, artificial rocks manufacturer of GRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Cement).
Essentially they are still composite materials based on reinforced cement
with alkali-resistant fibres.
With the passing of the years and with the quest for increasingly better chemical, technological and construction solutions, the years of research and experience have allowed me to develop a new composite called  mcmK2 (Composite Material
Meteora k2) that further improves the workability of the semi-finished product, the
construction timing, production costs and timing and the availability of
raw materials.
Great importance has been given to the size and mechanical organoleptic characteristics of paints and crystalline fixers that were 
compatible with the MCMK2. The innovation and the use of this material has
proved to be very successful in many applications.
I have always given great importance to nature in all its forms and its ability to transfer the power that it possesses. This is why, in 1987, I started creating scenes of nature, seen perhaps thousands of miles away, and offering them to my clients thereby following that infinite passion "still guiding me" when I see my work being made.

Italian (Italy)English (United Kingdom)